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Why should I choose CFGSmartCharts™ over other charting services?

1. Data feed is updated every 6 seconds with a data supply from an average of over 450 banks. Why is this good? Because the data supply from approximately 2 to 20 banks, offered by the average charting service, will not provide a true picture of what is really going on in the market. Also, the CFG Methodology will not work accurately with other charting services. Learning to trade profitably, as well as developing a string of trades without losses, requires having the right tools from the beginning.

2. CFGSmartCharts™ is the only software capable of supporting the exclusive RCU/D Extension Clusters, which are a proprietary product found only on CFGSmartCharts™.

3. CFGSmartCharts™ offer to all CFG Traders the opportunity to enjoy, “grandfathered” rates. This means when the charts are improved by the CFG Research and Development team, which may require a rate increase, existing subscribers in good standing are exempt from the increase. Only new traders signing up after the improvement will be required to pay the increased rate.

4. CFGSmartCharts™ are the only charts used in the CFG Auditoriums, and because of this, visiting traders are able to utilize special software that is only available on the CFG network. This special software often displays as many as 30 possible trade entries during the New York open trading session.

5. CFGSmartCharts™ now use two servers to ensure a back-up system, in case one server is suddenly not working properly.

6. CFGSmartCharts™ now offer a back-up data feed to decrease the amount of down time should a data supplier suddenly become inactive on their side.