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Every tool you and your staff develops and shares with
the rest of us makes a "bright day even brighter." I have
been really happy with "The new and improved CFG.".
Thanks for the hard work in making our jobs easier!


Thanks for making this study available on the CTN.  Using
this analysis, I was able to trade the GBP last night and
increase an account by more than 13%. Please continue
providing this information to all CFG traders. *


This email is intended to give you feedback on what you are doing every two hrs to help CFG active traders... one word: OUTSTANDING! I've always has a lot of respect for your presentations and knowledge. You have picked a wonderful format to communicate an abundance of information. I hope we will see this type of sharing of trade information for a long, long time. Thank you!



Thanks so much for your time and sharing your studies.. *

Carol B. - Texas

Don and ALL CFG personnel,
Thank you Don and all of the CFG personnel who helped put on the recent CFG Conference! It was a first-class event! Probably NOT by coincidence, I just had my
best day ever in the Forex (although I am rather new to Forex).
Hopefully the consistency I seek will follow also.

Again, thanks to all of you. *

Chuck B. - Virginia


I don't think any of us say it often enough but, thank you
for all that you and Barbara do for CFG Traders. You're
very selfless.*

Gary W. ------Virginia


I went through training on April 10-11, 2003.
The training was great, but so much new information I thought my head was going to explode.
It's like trying to learn a foreign language in two days!!
After leaving the training I felt confident that I could find trades on my own.
The first week after, I had a life to live and a business, so I just thought about trading, no actual practice.
The second week I got caught up in my business activities and decided to start practicing on a demo account.
I found 3 or 4 good trades then would blow it and have a loss.
A lot of that was just experimenting seeing what works and what doesn't.
Then the third week I thought I'd get serious and knock out my 50 trades.
No such luck...... 3 or 4 good trades and then a loss.
Corporate was offering a free review in Sacramento, so I determined to attend and see what I had forgotten.
Arriving home from the review at 1AM, I sat down at the computer and promptly made 10 straight trades NO LOSS!!
Then in about three trading days I brought that up to 86 trades......... NO LOSS!!
I guess the review must have been a success!
Corporate was offering another review in Las Vegas, so of course I went.
In the morning before the review I took my total to 101 trades........NO LOSS!!
I have now opened a mini account and am cautiously trading with real $$.
This program is fantastic...... My only regret is that I didn't find it 5 years ago!!
I would recommend it to any one who had a desire.*


Jeff W. - Idaho

Hi Barbara and Don,

First let me thank you for the conference. I probably learned more there than in all the previous audit sessions combined. I always left the audit sessions feeling that I could better identify the variety of tree by looking at its bark. After the break-out sessions, I felt like I was on a mountain top seeing the undulating canopy of the forest for the first time. It was great and I had a great time.*

Tom D. - New Jersey

Don, I want to once again thank you for all the personal attention that you put into building an organization that stands head and shoulders above the competition. I am looking forward to an exciting new year. Thank you also for the generosity you exhibit each year at the awards banquet. I want you to know that I appreciate your sincerity and kindness.*

Jeff W. - Michigan

CFG has totally changed my life and my career. My background is construction, with no investment, or trading experience. What appealed to me about the CFG methodology is the conservative approach to learning a skill that will allow a person to trade 50, 100, 200 or more times in a row without a loss.
I love that I can go anywhere; anytime, 24 hours a day 6 days a week and turn on my laptop, login onto the internet and earn a bigger income in 3 hours than working 8 hours on some jobsite that I didn’t really want to drive to in the first place. No more commuting!
My family and I vacationed 12 weeks in the last six months. I could never do that with a conventional job. Learning to trade the Forex is the single greatest financial move I have ever made.*

Craig H. - California


As you know, this was my first conference and I enjoyed it immensely. Watching all the give-away was interesting, but, since I did not receive any of those, my reward was the free instruction that I received. With the CFG trading floor program serving as an Research and Development section, CFG will constantly have new theories to explore, prove, and share with traders! Yes, I will be back often for the updates and free audits. At this time of year when folks are being thankful for blessings, I have a lot for which to be thankful. At my advanced age with a wife who is almost incapacitated, and after losing $200,000 with criminal FOREX traders, I am thankful I met Don Snellgrove! God bless you in your work. I cannot thank you enough.*

Gary F. - Tennessee


WOW... After one full year of learning to trade successfully, I am beginning to see very consistent results. Many thanks to you, your wife and the support of the CFG staff and mentors. What an incrediable business opportunity you share with people. My wife and I are now semi-retired and trading part-time in our slippers.*

Tim B. - Virginia

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