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Come and learn how to be a part of one of the most exciting financial market in the world, Forex. Concorde Forex Group, Inc. strives to offer its traders the knowledge and tools necessary to trade in the Forex market. Because of CFG and its methodologies, and not only the trading success of CFG's C.E.O. and its employee's but the trading success of many of CFG's customers “Selective Forex Trading - How to Acheive Over 100 Trades in a Row Without a Loss was written.

Forex trading is not for everyone, but if you have the desire we can give you the tools you need for an edge in the world’s largest cash flow industry. Our CFGSmartCourses™(FFF) and CFGSmartCharts™ with CFGSmartSignals™ can provide the edge necessary to help you take advantage of trading opportunities in the Forex…We also have proprietary trades that have been proven to work, and allow our traders to trade on a daily basis.

The CFGSmartCourses™ are designed with every trader in mind, whether you are new to Forex trading or an experienced trader. Our methodologies are different than most in that they are geared toward the Forex Market and not taken from smaller markets such as stocks and commodities. We also have proprietary trdaes that havebeen proven to work and all allow our traders to profit on a daily basis.*


Our charting service is second to none at providing traders with the proper CFG signature signals for entering trades and increasing odd of profitability. CFGSMartCharts™ and CFGSmartSignals™ are only available through CFG and contain several proprietary features that no other charting service provides. THe RCU/RCD Data are levels in the market that predict (sometimes hours in advance) possible reversal points and automatically updates four times a day to give traders an edge on where the market is going. Our Charts are also equipped with uniqe and powerful Bank "Extreme Levels". Large banks use these levels for targets and points of reversal. CFG has not been able to find any othercharting service and/or broker that has access to these levels. Our proprietary momentum device also lets out traders see the direction the markets is moving. Our Signals option also alerts traders to possible trades on any currency they choose. Our software is constantly scanning all currency pairs for potential trades that meet certain criteria. The signals are easy to customize to meet the needs of the individual trader.

We are also committed to our traders’ success. We provide free ongoing education and support for our traders, and we are always striving to better serve our traders. Most mentoring companies will only teach you once and if you want additional information you have to pay them more money, but not us! In fact, we also provide daily market updates, market studies, newsletters and review sessions at no additional charge to our subscribers.