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The Forex Seminar™ (FFF)

Learning to trade the Foreign Currency Exchange, the largest legal cash flow industry in the World, can be a very laborious and expensive task without a mentoring program for guidance. A new trader should consider a high-quality mentoring program as a way to obtain positive trading information. This can help a trader avoid the downfalls that others have already experienced and suffered. Our mentors are willing to share the secrets on how place entry, stops and limits with an emphasis on increasing the odds of success in the Forex. Concorde Forex Group (CFG) teaches individuals how to trade the Forex from the convenience of home, at their business location or anywhere in the world.


CFG and its representatives encourage traders to not trust opinions, rumors, software or fundamental announcements without personally confirming a potential trade. Using a system of rules and mechanical procedures rather than emotional reasons is our secret of success.

Topics Coved

Forex market basics and Trading basics, Trade confirmations including: Trends, Elementary Fibonacci ratios and applications, Proprietary Intelligent Data Window, RCU/RCD levels, Proprietary Clusters and Extreme levels. We believe we are the only Charting service to provide our traders with access to proprietary “Extreme Levels” that most banks use for their trading. We strive to offer Safe and reliable proprietary trades within the Japanese Yen / U.S. Dollar Currency combination and others. Techniques are adjusted and applied to beginners as well as experienced traders. Also, please provide a brief explanation of “Extreme Levels” and what it entails to.

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