Concorde Forex Group Newsletter

The Forex market tends to attract many seeking the quick dollar. There is definitely money to be made, but few give it the time and patience needed to succeed. Here at CFG we are constantly working to find ways to help you succeed. Using the Hoot Broadcast to Your Advantage, by Jeff Markel goes into detail about this service and lets you know how to get the most out of it.

In a society run by instant gratification we tend to let our impulses take over. The lack of a well laid plan sometimes makes our lives more difficult. In the continuation of Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan, by Ron Salyer, you will receive some very good advice on how to avoid this by creating and sticking with a plan.

We tend to take these small things for granted. We see the Forex as an obstacle to over come rather than stopping to appreciate and listen. Stop and listen. Listen to the river, learn from the river, let the river tell you where it is going. Follow the flow because when you go against the current the river always wins.

I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

‘Til Next Month…..

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Katrina D. Jenkins
CFG Newsletter Staff