*Contact Corporate Office for a location and specific information on a particular mentor Closest to your geographical area at (804) 364-9366




























*Our Mentor Quality Standards

At CFG we are not focusing on quantity, but choose to grow quality within our mentorship program. Our exclusive CFG Mentors offer training programs throughout the world. They are required to document their trading styles and submit trading histories to CFG on a regular basis.

CFG mentors need to uphold certain requirements in order to remain in good standing with the company. If any mentor falls short of being compliant, their name will be removed from our website. In addition to training others in the Forex market, they need to be successful traders. It is essential that they attend “continuing education” courses offered by CFG. This high standard is required to protect our clients. We owe this quality effort to anyone who sincerely wishes to learn how to trade the largest financial industry in the world, the Forex.  

Something you should know:     In the corporate office, staff and CFG Mentors do not trade investor monies or outside fund accounts.  They have always traded only CFG in- house funds or personal funds. This should assure new traders of our confidence and intentions. Copies of our successful track record are on file at the CFG headquarters for anyone to view.  

It is strictly against policy (and contract) for any CFG mentor to train someone and then offer to trade that client’s funds – or anyone’s funds. Any mentor doing so should be reported to the corporate office in Richmond.

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