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Continuing Education with CFG

One of the main elements of Concorde Forex Group, Inc. that sets us apart from other mentoring companies is the fact that we provide our customers with continuing education, as we have found this to be the best way to produce successful Forex traders.

All of our traders have the opportunity to audit the Forex Seminar™ (FFF) as many times as they need at no additional cost to them. This repetition of the trading course is most beneficial to our traders, as they are able to retain more information each time they sit in on an audit. Traders are also welcome to audit a course at our corporate offices any time there is space available. Our corporate facilities allow up to 6 people to sit in on a course at any given time.

We are now taking steps to develop a new One Day Workshop to compliment the two-day audits, which have been in place for some time. The aim of the One Day Workshop is to dig deeper into the CFG methodology, making it the more advanced technical course that our traders have been requesting.

The CFG Corporate Mentors, having fielded many questions from our traders and taught many classes, agree that the biggest problem experienced by our traders is over analyzing the smaller time compressions like the five-minute chart. Most of the focus in the initial two-day Forex Seminar™ (FFF) is on recognizing the trend on the larger time compressions and then drilling down to the smaller compressions to locate a trade signal. The understanding of the bigger time compressions takes time to develop but we feel that learning how to use the higher compressions is essential to becoming a proficient Forex trader.

The workshop is designed to provide an in depth analysis of all the time compressions, focusing more on trends, trend walls,and Fibs. Using these confirmations, in combination with the signature trades, provides a more accurate analysis of the market. All of the examples are based on live market conditions, providing insight into real live trades as they develop. The workshop includes various in-class projects that are designed to assist trader development.

Materials for the workshop will be continually updated, giving fresh examples each time a trader chooses to attend. Since the workshop is more advanced, there are requirements for attendance to ensure that a trader is able to comprehend and absorb the material presented.

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One Day Workshops