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Concorde Forex Group, Inc. also known as CFG is known as a leader in the Forex industry.  The company was founded in 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida.  In the first five years, it opened 70 offices worldwide and developed many mentors who eventually opened their own independent offices.

CFG broke the first world record in trading 50 plus trades live in a row while using protective stops and limits.  The system that achieved this success was a propietary software that has not been duplicated to this date. Since the orignation of the company, its students have gone on to trade not only 50 consecutive trades in a row without loss but 100, 200 and now even 400 plus trades in a row without a loss. 
CFG in 2007, began to downsize with the hope to provide better service to existing traders by outsourcing many of its benefits and to date, we have found that it was the right decision as we now can offer free scheduled webcast to all traders around the world without having traders spend monies for travel expenses just to have free audits or reviews.
Our goal now is to take care of the existing traders who have attended our seminars and only accept new students who are truely interested in learning how to trade the Forex.
Each new trader benefits from a unique mentoring program that teaches methodologies for success in the largest daily cash flow industry in the world…the Forex.



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“Past results are not indicative of future performance.”