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Customer Service

For information regarding attending a seminar and the cost as well as the location, please send a request to customerservice@cfgtrading.com .  For existing clients who need help or clarification of any trading concepts, please call FOREX HELP at 904-783-1819.  Fax is 904-781-5881.

Technical Support

For technical questions related to SmartCharts™ and Demo
Station, please contact Tech Support:


Trading tips and information will not be given out by CFG staff. However skill development for educational purposes related to CFG methodology will be provided by contacting customerservice@cfgtrading.com

Home Office
Concorde Forex Group, Inc.

Concorde Forex Group, Inc. is now a web supported company for existing traders who have attended CFG seminars. 

For new students: CFG uses certified mentors who are properly qualified and also trade live as professional traders.   The new student may enjoy a one on one or small group session knowing that the follow up support is free and will be conducted often in a live trading session.