Why CFG vs. other mentoring companies to learn to trade the Forex?

CFG offers a methodology that is not offered by any other company in the world. The CFG way is a "by rote" method of training which allows a new trader or an experienced trader to build a foundation and approach to trading with a mechanical procedure rather than a traditional approach, which is based upon smaller markets such as stocks or commodities.

We base our studies on new concepts with software that is founded mathematically and tested within the largest financial industry in the world, the Forex.

The CFG program offers ongoing training and free audits after the original trading course is completed. We realize that everyone has a different rate of learning and therefore, we feal it is critical to not only hear the session multiple times, but to hear the material from several different mentors. We also offer many free CFG benefits that allow traders to experience ongoing support from the CFG home office after attending the trading course with a CFG Mentor.

Benefits of being a CFG Trader as opposed to other Mentoring groups:

1. Access to S90/Crossover™ concepts. This proprietary methodology has 4 levels in which we believe that no other mentoring group in the world has ever offered. We began offering the first level of the S90/Crossover™ in 2002 to the World. The S90/Crossover, developed by Don Snellgrove over 7 years ago, has been limited to only a handful of traders until the decision was made to introduce the trading procedures to the world. The second level was introduced to our traders in late 2004. The third level will be introduced either in 2006 or 2007, depending upon the level of progress achieved as a result of the second level S90/Crossover, known as the S90/Crossover "1st strike" trade.

2. Access to proprietary RCU/D software

3. Access to proprietary RCU/D Extensions and their clusters

4. Free two-day silent audits (seating is limited per session and reservations are required)

5. Free scheduled live trading webcasts for skilled developement

6. Free CFG Market Updates, often daily. (Must request to be on list and eventually become a member)*

7. Free Trading Corner Forex commentary (must be a member)*

8. Free Forex Opinions Forex commentary (must be a member)*

9. Free benefits and updates from CFG Research and development team. (must be a member)*

10. Free annual conference except for travel expenses. Seating is limited. (must be a member)*

11. Our focus during the two-day sessions is to offer as much conceptual training as possible. We are planting seeds with the hope that the new trader will complete the assignments and then return for a free audit. The free audits often help a trader to really understand the information that was offered during the original session that was previously attended.

12. Access to SmartCharts™, a white labeled product, which has over 450 banks updating data every 6 seconds. The system has been updated in 2005 with a new redundant server to increase odds of eliminating data failure. We have seen other charting services offer only 2 to 100 banks and we feel this is just not enough data to preserve the integrity of the long-range methodology and training program that we offer our traders.

13. Access to our SmartSignals™ proprietary software, which may be used as an alert system 24 hours per day when programmed by the new trader. The software will also select certain types of trading opportunities that, of course, need to be confirmed before making a final decision to enter the market. This software is ongoing in its development just as a trader should have the attitude that learning the Forex is an ongoing experience that will always continue to offer room for growth.

14. Access to IFxTA membership, which offers CFG Traders the opportunity to contribute to needy organizations every time a trade is entered with an approved broker or bank. A portion of the spread fees that are required by the market maker are reimbursed and forwarded to the foundation and Traders association. These funds are disbursed to select non-profit organizations to help children throughout the world as well as other needy and qualified groups.

15. Knowledge that we walk the talk and all Mentors are live traders both at CFG and in the field. Our CFG Mentors must trade live, attend continuing education sessions two times per year as well as other contractual requirements or they are suspended from mentoring someone until they comply with our requirements.

16. CFG Mentors and CFG will not trade someone else's money or invest for anyone. We are all traders at CFG and offer others the opportunity to learn how to be introduced to the Forex market. Many Mentoring companies offer a training program and then if you are not successful, offer to trade your money for a small return for the investor. Some mentoring organizations have raised millions of dollars for their personal trading as a result of their failed mentorship. We do not trade for anyone but ourselves. This is a very important fact to consider when selecting an organization to learn how to trade.

17. Opportunity to win a million dollar producers ring for becoming a million dollar trader using CFG methodology.

18. Opportunity to become a CFG Mentor and help others. This produces additional income since we share a portion of concession income with all Mentors as a bonus for helping others.

19. Free advanced session once 50 plus trades have been achieved by a new trader either on a demo or live account and must be recommended by their Mentor to attend these sessions which are held in Jacksonville, FL.

20. Software rates are "grandfathered" in for traders beginning with the time they become a CFG Trader providing the subscriptions are current. A 15-day payment grace period offers protection from rate increases for lapsed payments.

21. With CFG you have opportunity to be associated with an elite mentoring group. This is also important because we maintain copies of a massive amount of live trading histories for public viewing. These trading history successes are printed by the actual trader who executed the trades and then forwarded to CFG, often, along with their comments and signatures are also maintained in the files.

22. Opportunity to achieve success and be recognized in the only approved and properly sponsored "Forex Hall of Fame”. The opportunity is only given to those traders who have traded 100 or more trades in a row on a live trading account with proper proof for audit purposes. The more successful trades in a row the more elegant and prestigious the award.

Risk Disclosure