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CFGSmartCourse™ Mini: $995.00 USD

The CFGSmartCourse™ Mini allows traders to approach the market
with a selective style of trading. The discipline that is developed
is needed to allow traders to focus on a simple approach to
trading the Forex. This approach is great for beginners as
well as those who have not been able to become profitable.
Once a reasonable level of success has been
achieved from the CFGSmartCourse™ Mini, we
strongly encourage traders to move into the
second level of trading education and attend the
CFGSmartCourse™ Pro (FFF).

Topics Covered

Learn about signature Wave Trades, ROI Trades, and get a sneak peak at the new Faith Trades available to CFG Traders.

Schedule of Rates

CFGSmartCourse™ Mini: $995.00 USD