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Concorde Forex Group, Inc. (CFG) is offering an opportunity for individuals to trade and participate in the largest cash market in the world, the Forex. Mentors are recruited from our trainees and given the opportunity to earn an additional $3,000 to $12,000 USD or more while being trained to become a Mentor for Concorde Forex Group, Inc. Once a new CFG trainer is developed, the average goal is to teach 7 new traders per month with a potential income of $14,000 to $20,000 USD per month, depending upon which level of mentorship is achieved.

This income is paid in addition to the income that the CFG Mentor produces through personal trading. In addition, bonuses are paid annually for each new trader taught by CFG Mentors who continue trading within their personal trading agencies under the umbrella of CFGTrading. The mentoring payment for internship and income is determined and adjusted by currency value if program is applied outside of the USA.

Concorde Forex Group, Inc. and its representatives encourage future traders to not trust opinions, rumors, software or fundamental announcements without personally confirming a potential trade. Using a system of rules and mechanical procedures rather than emotional reasons is our secret to trading Forex.


Mentor Requirements

Our Certified Mentors are very qualified in that CFG monitors and maintains an ongoing history of each trainer for quality control purposes. To qualify as a registered CFG representative, each Mentor must intern a minimum of 136 hours as well as prove that he/she can trade a minimum of fifty trades successfully without a loss. The mentors' trading histories proving the 50 successful trades are printed from a broker’s dealing station, filed with a Primary Market Maker and are also on file with CFG administration in Virginia. (Past performance is not indicative of future results.) Our mentors have positive trading skills because they are constantly watching the market signals and teach the rules of trading.

How do I get involved?

Contact the person who referred you to us or contact Concorde Forex Group, Inc. at customerservice@cfgtrading.com, or 904-783-1819. All Mentors are trained and monitored by CFG for quality of instruction and mentorship. Two-day courses are offered. Procedures for repeating the trading courses without additional fees are offered.

CFG is not a multi-level organization and traders do not make money off of other traders. CFG does offer an independent marketing agency opportunity, in which individuals may qualify through the strenuous procedure of becoming a Qualified Mentor. There is no additional cost to become a Mentor except for personal expenses.