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Reservations for:

*NOTE: The Auditorium is currently FREE in Richmond until further notice. Email customerservice@cfgtrading.com to reserve a seat.

Have you made payment yet? You must pay before reserving. See detailed instructions below.

Current Auditorium Locations

Richmond, VA Auditorium

Auditorium Payment & Reservation

See below for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:

-Login to the CTN
-On the left, click Subscription Services
-Scroll to the bottom and click on the icon "Payments by Paypal"
-Click Buy Now on Auditorium $20.00 USA/Day
-Login to your PayPal account and follow instructions for payments

Step 2:

Click Here to request reservations.

Include the following:

-Desired Auditorium Location
-Desired Session Dates
-PayPal Auditorium Payment Date
-Amount Paid

Note: You must pay before reserving. Reservation MUST be made by 1:00pm EST the business day before your first desired session. Be mindful of holidays and weekends. Your reservation is NOT guaranteed until you have received confirmation of your reservation from CFG. Only pay for the exact amount of reservations you want to make. Please DO NOT pay for more than you want to use immediately.

Request more information about the Auditorium